HR Officer/Assistant Manager/Manager

  • HKD35000
  • Hong Kong
  • Permanent, Full time
  • ICBC International Holdings Limited
  • 16 Aug 17

We need the high caliber to join us to support the robust business growth. Currently we are recruiting 2 essential roles either in Compensation and Benefit or HR Business Partner role. If you are keen to join us to develop your long-term and challenging career path in ICBCI, please don't hesitate to join us immediately. 我們需要高素質的人才加入我們,以支持強勁的業務增長。 目前,我們正在招聘薪酬和福利或人力資源業務合作夥伴的2個重要角色。 如果您志向加入我們,在工商銀行開展長期而富有挑戰性的職業發展路線,請立即行动加入我們。

Job Responsibilities 

Manage full range of human resources and administrative functions included but not limited to recruitment and selection, employee relations, compensation and benefits, performance management, learning & development etc.; 管理人力資源全職能包括但不是限於招聘、員工關係、薪酬和福利、績效管理、培訓與發展和企業文化等;
Conduct the necessary HR analytics to support the HR strategy’s planning and execution; 進行必要的人力資源分析,以支持人力資源戰略規劃和執行; 
Identify, develop and implement HR strategies and operating plans that align with business strategy to ensure human capital and capability to fulfill business requirements; 識別,制定和實施人力資源戰略和經營計劃,配合業務戰略,以確保人力資本和能力以便滿足業務發展需求;
Provide strategic advice to business managers in the areas of manpower planning, talent acquisition strategy, reward management, performance management, organization talent review, succession planning and organization design etc; 向業務經理提供戰略諮詢如人力規劃、人才獲取戰略、 薪酬管理、 績效管理、 人才管理、繼任規劃和組織設計管理等;
Formulate resourcing strategies to attract talents with the right capabilities to ensure a stable and competent workforce to meet current and future business needs; 制定人力資源策略吸引合適人才到位,以確保穩定和具才能的人員體系,滿足當前和未來的業務發展需要;
Collaborate with all HR team members in any related policy changes and implementations; 在有關政策變化和實施下,與各人力資源團隊協作;
Act as both HR Advisory and Operations specialist to provide all rounded HR support to the teams of ICBCI; 作為人力資源顧問和業務專家向工銀國際各團隊提供全方位人力資源支持和建議;
Strengthen the employer branding to enhance ICBCI’s visibility and competitiveness in the talent market; 加強工銀國際品雇主品牌,增強其在人才市場的知名度和競爭力;
Partner with business managers to drive employee engagement and retention initiatives; 與業務經理合作驅動員工敬業度的發展與深化,以便能進行人才挽留;
Provide budget/expenses information to line business managers and advise them on manpower budget/costing initiative. 提向業務經理提供相關資訊,以便人力預算和成本規劃和控制。
Job Requirements任職要求:

Bachelor’s Degree or above required in Finance, Business Administration, Accounting, Law, Management, and Statistics. A degree in Human Resources is a plus; 本科或以上,需在金融、工商管理、會計、法律、管理學和統計學。人力資源管理學歷尤佳;
Prior experience working in a banking or finance institution environment is a plus and preferably with 3-5 years or  abobe working experience ; 在銀行或金融機構有相關工作的經驗者尤佳,具3-5年以上相關工作經驗特别是薪酬管理也可優先考慮;
Ability to use data and information to make recommendations to effectively resolve problems or issues by using judgment that is consistent with standard, practices, policies, procedures, regulations or government law; 能夠使用數據和信息進行分析和提出建議。能有效地作出判斷及解決問題,並符合相關準則、政策、程序、規章或法律;
Proven ability to research and analyze information; 具研究和分析能力;
Ability to be flexible, self-directed, motivated and able to interact with employees at all levels and demonstrate excellence in interpersonal and coaching skills;  能靈活、自主、自勵並與各級人員進行交流,和展現優秀的人際交往能力和諮詢技能;
Ability to successful drive change in the organization; 能成功驅動組織變化;
Ability to handle multiple projects or tasks while effectively prioritizing to meet deadlines in an ever changing fast-paced environment; 能夠處理多個項目或任務,同時有效地確定優先次序,確保最後期限前完成任務以滿足不斷變化及快速發展的業務環境;
The proven ability to demonstrate project and personal leadership skills, professionalism and team attitude; 個人具確實的項目管理能力、領導能力、敬業精神和團隊精神;
Be familiar with culture & business model of Chinese corporate; 熟悉中國企業文化及業務模式;
Must possess above average proficiency in Microsoft Office (Work, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint);  必須熟練微軟各項操作技能;
Strong oral and written communication both in English and Chinese especially Mandarin;  較強的口頭和書面溝通和寫作能力包英文和中文尤其是普通話;
Experienced candidate will be considered as HR Assistant Manager/Manager. Fresh graduate will be considered as well. If you have relevant experience in compensation & benefits management, it would be considered with priority. 应届毕业生一同考虑,有經驗的候選人將被考慮作為人力資源助理經理/經理。如您有相關薪酬管理經驗,將會優先考慮。

Interested parties please apply in full resume with working experience, current and expected salary by e-mail to, or call at 2683 3696 for any enquiries concerning the job application. 有意者請將簡歷投遞到,在簡歷中請列明目前及期望薪金。如有任何查詢請聯繫戴綺文(2683 3696)

All personal data collected will be used for recruitment and employment related purpose only. 所有收集到的個人數據將用於徵聘和就業相關目的。