New director of M&A at Troika confirms yet again that it helps to work and study overseas

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Do you need to spend some time working in London or New York if you want to get a senior position in Russian banking? And does it help to study an MBA at a top US business school instead of the Moscow School of Management? Troika's new senior M&A hire seems to suggest as much.

Sergei Khaliullin joins as director in the M&A execution team at Troika. He's spent 12 years in banking and has worked in Germany and the UK as well as Russia. He's also got an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Sergei joins from Alfa-Bank. He's also worked at Renaissance Capital, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

As we've noted before, Troika has quite a thing for hiring Russians with international banking experience and an international education.

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