These international investment banks are hiring students in Russia

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If you're a student in Russia and you're looking for a graduate job at an international investment bank, the good news is some international investment banks are hiring. The bad news is that there aren't many that hire in Moscow, or that target students at Russian universities.

Our research suggests Barclays Investment Bank is hiring for graduate positions in Moscow - it wants both full time trainee investment bankers and full time sales professionals. Barclays also offers investment banking summer internships in Moscow.

Credit Suisse is also hiring graduates in Moscow. It wants summer interns, autumn interns and full time hires for its Moscow investment banking business. Plus, Credit Suisse is targeting students in Moscow - although it doesn't specify which school it will be visiting.

Unfortunately, that's it. Citigroup doesn't seem to be hiring in Moscow. Nor does Deutsche. Nor does JPMorgan, nor Goldman. Worse: none of these banks seem to be targeting Russian graduates... However, this may change as banks' full event lists are published and it becomes apparent that they are visiting some  Russian universities after all.